Solders And Alloys

Select from over 25,000 solder SCU’s!

Hard to believe?

Our website is flowing with solders:


We roll these solders into sheet, cut them into pennyweight pieces, gram pieces and small cut sizes, draw them into wire solder, atomize them into powder. Then we mix the powder into paste solder. Your choices are almost endless.

Still not convinced?

Our website lists over 125 different formulas–multiply these by the 100 plus cut solder sizes we offer, and the result is in excess of 12,500 different possibilities. Now add that to some 25 diameters of wire available, the myriad of paste solder combinations (for both torch and furnace applications), and all the syringe options the paste solders can be packed in. And, the sum easily passing the 25,000 mark.

Krohn Industries manufacturers an extensive line of gold, platinum, and silver solders produced under exacting quality control standards to insure karat, composition, and melt and flow points. This guaranteed uniformity provides the jewelry manufacturer with dependable, trouble-free soldering and high quality finished products.

Solders are available in sheet, strip, pennyweight pieces, and cut to order. As illustrated on page 6, cut solder is available in sizes from 1mm x 0.25mm to 2 mm x 2 mm (custom sizes are also available, please inquire). Many solders are available as
paste, powder, and wire.

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