Paste Dispensers


The MiKro-Quant paste dispenser is small, lightweight, and portable. The MiKro-Quant is available in either 120 or 240 volt units and requires 80 psi input air pressure. The case is fabricated from durable brushed stainless steel for long life expectancy. The internal electrical and pneumatic components
are the finest, heavy duty parts available.

The unit is activated with a gentle touch on the electric foot control. The MiKro-Quant offers a wide range of application time periods, continuously adjustable from 0.05 of a second up to 60 seconds.


The dispensing time of the pneumatic paste dispenser is completely controlled by depressing the foot pedal. The unit does not have a timer, requires no electricity, and only needs 80 psi of input pressure.

The filter regulator can be mounted to the wall or on the side of the bench; the remainder of the unit rests on the floor, requiring no bench space.

The pneumatic dispenser provides an economical paste dispensing alternative when the precision of the MiKro-Quant is not required.

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