Base Metal Paste Solders

Green Button 2 Green logo indicates a cadmium and indium free solder

Krohn Industries has adapted a few of its industrial paste solders to suit the jewelry industry. Two of our best sellers are our phos-copper paste and KB 430 low silver paste. Both paste solders are low cost, cadmium and indium free, have excellent flow properties, produce strong joints and work on a wide range of metals, so they are perfect for joining dissimilar metals.

Base Metal Paste Solder Phos-Copper Paste

The phos-copper paste flows at 1325F, or about the same temperature as a soft silver solder. The alloy has a light brassy color and is used extensively to produce brass military belt buckles. The phos-copper paste is great for use on copper, brass, bronze, and mixed metal projects like silver to brass and stainless steel to brass or gold.

 KB 430 Low Silver Paste

The KB 430 low silver paste flows at 430F, that’s low enough to solder with a good lighter. The alloy has a non-tarnishing white color and is ideal for repairing or producing costume jewelry. The KB 430 works on nickel, German Silver, tin, white bronze, stainless steel,silver, brass, and bronze. Because of the low silver content it is not suitable for production of silver items but it’s great for tricky repairs when an ultra low flow temperature is needed.

Base Metal Paste Solders
Designation (Color) Flow Point, ºF (ºC)
Green-Button-16 Phos-Copper (Brass) 1325 (718)
Green-Button-16 KB 430 (White) 430 (221)

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