Paste Solders

Krohn Industries has developed a series of gold, platinum, and silver solder pastes for the jewelry industry. When used with the Krohn MiKro-Quant paste dispenser, paste solders offer a semi automated solder application system that produces excellent results with considerable cost savings. Solder pastes offer particular advantages when used in soldering rope chain, hollow shells, findings, earring posts, and other mass assembly work.
Paste Solders

Solder paste is a homogeneous blend of solder powder, flux (optional), and binder. These pastes are applied to the joint with a semi-automated paste dispenser, or with a manually operated hand held syringe. The assemblies are then heated by any of the following methods: furnace, torch, induction, or resistance to effect soldering.

When soldering operations are performed in an air or poor furnace atmosphere, a paste that contains a flux is required. In this instance, a highly active combination of chemical compounds is added to the paste to clean and protect the base metal and solder during the heating cycle. The resulting flux residue is easily removed with warm water.

Furnace Pastes

Flux-free pastes are recommended for furnace soldering where good reducing atmospheres are utilized. The finished assemblies will be clean and bright and require no cleaning.

Krohn Industries technical staff will assist and advise the user of the correct solder paste for each application.

An ideal soldering system may consist of fixtures or jigs, a semi-automated paste dispenser, and a belt type atmospheric furnace. This production method provides a semi-automated approach to soldering operations with excellent results, and considerable savings in cost of material, labor, and production cycle time.

CIF Pastes

The CIF paste solders unique flow and fill characteristics provide excellent control in furnace applications.


Paste solders are available in 1cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc syringes and jars.

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Krohn solder paste is a homogeneous blend of micro fine spherical solder powder, flux and binder available in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and low temperature formulations. 

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