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Silver, Nickel And Copper Plating Solutions


Krohn Ready-to-Use Silver Electroplating Solution is a silver cyanide solution which imparts a bright silver plate, and is not a D.O.T. regulated material. The solution’s low cyanide content permits the solutions to be shipped via standard UPS without incurring hazardous shipping fees or special hazardous shipping containers. This greatly reduces the overall freight cost.


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Krohn Bright Nickel Electroplating Solution imparts a bright mirror-like finish and can be used as an underplate for rhodium, gold, and silver electroplating. This solution is non-hazardous to ship.

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Krohn Acid Copper Electrolytic Plating Solution contains no cyanide, and is formulated to deposit an excellent underplate for multi-layer plating operations. This solution is corrosive and requires a $6 hazardous fee per box.


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