Gold Electroplating Solutions

Krohn Ready-to-Use Gold Electroplating Solutions

The solutions contain one (1) pennyweight of pure gold per quart and imparts a bright gold electroplate.

The solutions are available in the following colors:

  • 24 Karat
  • 18 Karat Yellow
  • 14 Karat Yellow
  • Hamilton
  • Pink (Rose), Double Pink, Triple Pink
  • Green and Double Green


Krohn Ready-to-Use Gold Electroplating Solutions are not D.O.T. regulated materials. The solution’s low cyanide content (less than 1%) permits the solutions to be shipped via standard UPS without incurring hazardous shipping fees or special hazardous shipping containers. This greatly reduces the overall freight costs.
cohler gold plating

Cohler EarthCoat – Cyanide Free Gold Plating 


Cyanide free and ecologically friendlier
Non-hazardous shipping on most products
Plates uniformly and economically
Hard, durable, and wear resistant gold plate
Complete line of plating solutions, cleaners, and activators


Cyanide Free Gold Bath Plating Solutions and Cyanide Free Gold Pen Pals® are a cyanide free alternative to traditional cyanide based gold plating solutions. These bath and pen plating solutions produce durable, wear resistant gold deposits with 100% cyanide free formulations in 24K, 18K, 14K and Rose gold colors.


Instructions | GHS SDS

cohler gold plating

Cohler Gold Plating Solutions

Cohler Gold Bath Plating Solutions & Gold Pen Pals® are specially formulated to impart a hard brilliant uniform finish. Available in 24K, 18K, 14K and Rose colors.

  • Bath or Pen Formulation
  • 14K / 18K / 24K Yellow
  • Rose Gold

GHS SDS  | Hazardous Shipping Required

cohler gold plating

Gold – Pen Pals®


Cohler Gold Plating

  • 14K / 18K / 24K Yellow
  • Rose Gold
  • GHS SDS  | Hazardous Shipping Required

Cyanide Free Gold

  • 14K / 18K / 24K Yellow
  • Rose Gold
cohler gold plating
cohler gold plating


 Krohn Industries is pleased to offer a line of anodes for its Gold Electroplating Solutions:

Fine Gold Anode .999 (1” x 1”). Use with Krohn Ready-to-Use 24K Gold Electroplating Solution.

Insoluble Stainless Steel Anode (1” x 6”). Use with Krohn’s Gold Electroplating Solutions and Tivabrite Electrostripper.

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