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Cyanide free and ecologically friendlier
Non-hazardous shipping on most products
Plates uniformly and economically
Hard, durable, and wear resistant gold plate
Complete line of plating solutions, cleaners, and activators

Cyanide Free Gold Bath Plating Solutions and Cyanide Free Gold Pen Pals® are a cyanide free alternative to traditional cyanide based gold plating solutions. These bath and pen plating solutions produce durable, wear resistant gold deposits with 100% cyanide free formulations in 24K, 18K, 14K and Rose gold colors.

EarthCoat Gold Plating

Instructions | GHS SDS

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PALLABRITE™ MIRROR is a maintenance free ready to use palladium plating bath designed as intermediate flash plate over gold, silver, and brass, or as a final plate over lower end jewelry. No ammonia pH adjustments are needed. This product produces a consistent bright white tarnish resistant barrier layer prior to gold or rhodium plating. An excellent replacement for nickel pre-plates. Solution contains 2.5 grams of Palladium per quart.
Instructions | GHS SDS

EarthCoat Pallabrite Mirror
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Silver-Free™ is a Ready to Use cyanide free solution that deposits a decorative silver flash plate over nickel, sterling silver, gold, rhodium, and many other similar metals.
Instructions | GHS SDS

EarthCoat Silver Free Electroplating

Copper Mirror™ produces a consistent, uniform, bright and shiny copper layer over dull surfaces in just 2-10 minutes. Air agitation is needed.
Instructions | GHS SDS

EarthCoat Copper Mirror Solution

Copper Primer™ plates a consistent uniform copper deposit. It can be used as a pre-plate over difficult-to-plate metals as well as a bonding metal between dissimilar metals.
Instructions | GHS SDS

Nickel Mirror™ plates a consistent, uniform nickel deposit that is easy to operate and maintain. It deposits brilliantly bright and shiny Nickel over dull surfaces within 10-15 minutes, over Copper Mirror™ in just 3 minutes. As a pre-plate, it enhances and brightens your rhodium, gold, and silver platted pieces.
Instructions | GHS SDS

EarthCoat Nickel Mirror Plating Solution

Black-Free™ is a black antique plating solution which plates a rich black coating that can be removed with minor abrasion. After the article is plated, the high spots are relieved to give the final antique look. Black-Free™ is a great alternative to flammable and toxic black lacquer dipping baths.
Instructions | GHS SDS

EarthCoat Black Free

Activator-T™ in solution produces a mild acid with super etching, brightening, and cleaning properties. Activator-T™ chemically cleans and activates your parts to assure a strong metallic bond during the cyanide-free plating process.
Instructions | GHS SDS

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Electroking & Activator-T - Earthcoat

ElectroKing™ is an excellent electrocleaner specifically designed for the plating process.
Instructions | GHS SDS

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