Cyanide Free Silver Solution

cohler gold plating


Cyanide free and ecologically friendlier
Non-hazardous shipping
Complete line of plating solutions, cleaners, and activators

Product Description: Silver-Free ™ is a silver plating solution which deposits a flash plate of silver over nickel, sterling silver, gold, rhodium, and most other similar metals. Silver-Free™ deposits silver slowly to provide uniform color consistency and coverage. Silver-Free™ offers a cyanide-free alternative to other hazardous cyanide based silver plating solutions. Silver-Free  ™ is supplied as ready to use, for ease of set-up and operation.

Silver-Free ™ will reflect the surface of its underplate. You will plate shiny silver over shiny metals and matte silver over dull surfaces. Plate at room temperature, Plate at 1.5-1.8 volts for 15-90 seconds. Stainless or pure silver anode.

Application: Over nickel, sterling silver, gold, and most other similar metals.

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