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Cyanide Free Silver Solution

Cyanide free and ecologically friendlier
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Cyanide Free Silver

Silver-Free ™ will reflect the surface of its underplate. You will plate shiny silver over shiny metals and matte silver over dull surfaces. Plate at room temperature, Plate at 1.5-1.8 volts for 15-90 seconds. Stainless or pure silver anode.


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Silver-Free Instructions

Product Description
Silver-Free ™ is a silver plating solution which deposits a flash plate of silver over nickel, sterling silver, gold, rhodium, and most other similar metals.
Silver-Free™ deposits silver slowly to provide uniform color consistency and
Silver-Free™ offers a cyanide-free alternative to other hazardous cyanide based silver plating solutions.
Silver-Free  ™ is supplied as ready to use, for ease of set-up and operation.

Over nickel, sterling silver, gold, and most other similar metals.

Caution: Read all safety information before using this product
1. Use only with proper ventilation.
2. Wear gloves, safety goggles, and apron.
3. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Operating Conditions:
Room temperature
Current Density: 1.5 Volts (1-5 ASF)
PH: 9
Beaker: Pyrex
Anode: Stainless Steel 1 micro inch per minute

Bath Set Up:
1. Fill beaker with Silver-Free™.
2. Check connections from rectifier to anode and work to be sure the negative (-) and positive (+) wires are connected properly. The work should be charged negative (-), and the anode positive (+). Turn Rectifier On.
3. Plate for 30-60 seconds at 1.5-3 volts depending on size of part and coverage desired.
4. Larger parts require slightly higher voltage (3V), while smaller parts require lower voltage (1.5-2V). If part shows any burning such as a dark or dull grey deposit around the edges, you are burning the part and must lower the voltage. If part is not a silver color after 45 seconds of plating, voltage is too low, therefore, increase
voltage slightly.
5. After silver plating rinse part thoroughly in deionized water and dry completely with either a steam cleaner or a hot air dryer.Trouble Shooting:
Pieces not Plating
• Check power supply, make sure switch is on.
• If switch is on, check fuse.
• Check connections from power supply to anode or cathode (part).
Pieces turn dark gray or black
• Anode/cathode connections are reversed.
• Current is too high. Pieces turn hazy, cloudy, dark
• Current too high. Adjust to lower current.
• Temperature is warm, cool to below 80 F
• Plate for a shorter time.
• Organics are too high. Solution is used up – discard.
Pieces are dark and not plated
• Current too low. Adjust to higher current.
• Plate for a longer time.
• If solution is old, organics are too high. Solution is used up – discard.Discard & Replace:
Silver-Free™ is a rugged solution and is designed to help assure long life. If, however, a problem should arise that cannot be solved by any of the above recommendations, or recommendations by our or any other qualified laboratory, the bath may need to be replaced: Transfer to a D.O.T. approved container. Check with local authorities for proper disposal.