Cohler Superblack Black Rhodium Solutions

Superblack ™ bath and pen solutions produce a durable, tarnish resistant shiny black finish, while plating uniformly and consistently at room temperature. Ideal for two-tone jewelry, highlighting dark stones and producing a dark black finish on jewelry.

Pre-Mixed Superblack ™ bath solution is available in 1/2 gram half pint and 1 gram pint bottles.

Superblack ™ pen solution is available in 1/4 gram Pen Pals ®, 1/2 gram, and 1 gram bottles.

Product Features:

  • Durable, shiny black finish
  • Tarnish-resistant finish
  • Great throwing power and coverage
  • Used to highlight black or brown diamonds
  • Plates at room temperature
  • Consistent plating results
  • Plates uniformly – start to finish
  • Ideal for two-tone jewelry, matching dark stones and plating dark black jewelry

Superblack Rhodium GHS SDS  |  Hazardous Shipping Required

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