Krohn Tivabrite is an electrostripper and polisher for yellow gold. In most cases, it can replace “bombing”, in a hydrogen peroxide/cyanide solution, with better results. It gets into spots, crevices, and undercuts that are impossible to reach with a polishing buff.

Tivabrite is a unique combination of chemicals that, when mixed (4 oz. to the gallon) with water and an equal weight of cyanide (sodium cyanide is preferred) and utilized with a reverse current, provides a superior polishing action and leaves yellow gold
jewelry bright, clean, and polished.

When used on white gold, Tivabrite gives the jewelry a matte finish similar to that obtained in “bombing”.

Tivabrite is available in 1 lb jars and 5 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb, and 100 lb bulk packs.

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