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About Us

Our company history spans over seven decades and three generations. Established as the J William Krohn Company in 1955, my grandfather opened Krohn Industries in New York City as a refiner and manufacturer of gold solders and alloys. As the company grew and the 2nd generation joined “the ranks,” they relocated from John Street to West 45th Street. In 1968, the company purchased land in New Jersey and built it’s current facility to house it’s expanding operations.

In 1972 the company incorporated, changed its name to Krohn Industries and began phasing out the refining operations to focus on manufacturing. Around this time Krohn introduced paste solders to the jewelry industry. Paste solders were critical to the boom of the rope chain industry, reducing the labor necessary to manufacture hand made rope by almost 80%. Paste solders are heavily used in hollow jewelry and findings manufacturing today.


In 1980 Krohn Technical Products was established increasing our range of products to include Rhodium and Gold Plating Solutions & Tivaclean. The company further expanded in 1985 with the acquisition of Quimby and Company, adding Sparex® to its line of chemical products. In the late 1980s, we introduced our CIF (cadmium & indium free) solders to address the concerns of toxic metals in the workplace.

Our products are also utilized by the electronic, automotive, and aerospace industries; used in optical, medical, and dental products; and the award industry, including Olympic metals and Superbowl rings.

In May of 2018, Krohn Industries acquired the Cohler brand of plating products, adding Superbrite® and Superblack rhodium, Earthcoat cyanide-free plating solutions, and the Pen Pals® brand of plating solutions.

Today, our customers range from students, custom jewelry & repair shops, distributors, and many of the largest jewelry manufacturing companies in the world. Our extensive line of products are designed to meet the needs of companies both large and small.

As our story continues, we steadfastly hold to our motto…


Quality & Service Since 1955.”

Nicholas Krohn
Krohn Industries, Inc.

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